SSPC Technical Meetings: Collaboration is the key to long-term business success and competitiveness


One of the key aims at SSPC is to enable productive participation and strategic partnerships with all stakeholders. Success relies on key efforts made by academia and the pharmaceutical industry working together. SSPC’s operations team helps facilitate such collaboration by conducting informal project evaluations, discussions and face-to-face meetings at quarterly technical meetings every year.

SSPC prides itself on being one of the very few centres who accommodate all partners to meet regularly and assess the interactions between, and the innovations of, each individual project and strand.  By facilitating and coordinating the interaction between key stakeholders, engagement at this level nurtures opportunity. In addition, it offers frequent review of research and also a platform for students to attend and present their work.

Collaboration encourages our partners to build on mutual beneficial partnership that leverages creativity, experience and resources. Such co-operation inspires a sense of community and support.
The first SSPC Technical Meeting 2016 took place in University College Cork on Wednesday, March 30. Academic showcases were presented by SSPC project leaders, Professor Pat Guiry, Professor Anita Maguire and Professor Declan Gilheany. These presentations were followed by a Master class in Bio catalysis led by Professor Fergal O’Gara. Conducting master classes and workshops are not only beneficial to the development of pharmaceuticals themselves, but also work towards a mutual benefit to the pharmaceutical sector by facilitating industry-wide collaboration.

SSPC PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers presented their research at a poster presentation session. As research experience and productivity is key to a researcher’s success, this platform offers them an opportunity to showcase their talent, build knowledge and offer future networking opportunities. Ten face-to-face project meetings ensued that afternoon, including a (bio)pharma Spokes meeting, this project, embraces Advanced Biopharmaceutical Technologies.


Dr Roderick Jones, UCD, presenting at the plenary session, Dr Lijun Jia, showcasing her research work at a poster presentation and Dr Stuart Collins, UCC, presenting at the SSPC Technical Meeting in the University of Limerick recently.

The second SSPC Technical Meeting 2016 took place in the University of Limerick on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. Again, students availed of the opportunity to present their work with a poster session in the newly built Analog Devices Building. Academic and industry showcases on enabling collaboration opportunities were presented by Dr Stuart Collins, Dr Roderick Jones, Dr Kevin Ryan, Professor Gavin Walker and Dr Denis Croker.

Five face-to-face project meetings took place and a b-b-q ensued that evening to thank and acknowledge everyone’s commitment to SSPC over the past year.