SSPC 2007-2013 Research

In phase 1 of the SSPC cluster the work programme was divided into five themes:

  1. Molecular Level Control of the structure of Pharmaceutical Solids 
  2. Disordered solids/High Energy Forms/Amorphous domain in Pharmaceutical Solids 
  3. Methods to characterise the solid state 
  4. In-situ methods
  5. Process Scale-up and modelling

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These themes were organised through 13 individual projects operated by 20 funded postgraduate students and 5 post-doctoral fellows. The individual projects were scheduled to run for 4-5 years and to be introduced in a phased basis. During phase 1, the SSPC successfully leveraged funding for additional PhD students (€426K) through various sources (IRSCET, SFI, UL and industry) and added an additional 14 projects to the portfolio.

These initial five themes evolved into three Strands:

  • Strand 1: Particle Crystallisation
  • Strand 2 :Particle Engineering
  • Strand 3: The API/Formulation Interface

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