Strand 2 - Crystal Growth and Design

The focus of Strand 2: Crystal Growth and Design is on science and process engineering underpinning the crystallisation of complex organic molecules with conformational flexibility and a multitude of functional groups. Impurities and solvent selection are central to this strand. Major themes include:

  • Study of the underlying molecular interactions in supersaturated solutions and at interfaces
  • Understanding the mechanisms that control product crystal properties such as crystal structure, purity, shape and size
  • Exploiting these mechanisms to tailor and control crystal properties, to scale up and scale down processes, to develop model based control for improved product quality in traditional batch crystallisations as well as in emerging technologies like continuous processing, cocrystallisation, nanocrystallisation and crystallisation into excipient matrices

SSPC Strand 2 Leaders:

Prof. Brian Glennon, University College Dublin

Prof. Ake Rasmuson, University of Limerick