SSPC Recruitment

SSPC PhD Programme:
Vacancies for five fully funded PhD positions across SSPC for enrolment in 2018:

Project title: Pre-clinical development of an Innovative bio-therapeutic for prostate cancer

Supervisor: Prof. Catriona O'Driscoll, Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutics
Research Performing Organisation: University College Cork
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Project title: Production, Isolation and Characterisation of Protein Active Ingredients
Supervisor: Dr Jakki Cooney 
Research Performing Organisation: University of Limerick
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Project title: First-Principles Based Mechanochemistry of Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients
Supervisor: Dr Anthony M. Reilly
Research Performing Organisation: Dublin City University
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Project title: Bio-conjugations In Flow for Drug Conjugates and Theranostic Imaging Agents
Supervisor: Prof. Donal O’Shea
Research Performing Organisation: Royal College of Surgeons
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Project title: New Metal-organic frameworks as effective drug carriers with controlled drug release profiles
Supervisor: Dr Constantina Papatriantafyllopoulou
Research Performing Organisation: National University of Ireland Galway
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