TCD SSPC Facilities

The School of Pharmacy, Trinity College Dublin, was established in 1977 and was the first centre for pharmaceutical education in Ireland. The School was originally based in Ballsbridge and moved onto the main campus in the city centre in 1997. The School (now the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences) is now housed in the modern, purpose-built Panoz Institute, at the East End (i.e. Science End) of the College.

Atrium Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology research labs:

  • manned lab space (also including equipment) - 234 m2
  • equipment lab space - 210 m2

Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis Mettler Toledo DSC 821e, Mettler Toledo TG 50 coupled to a Mettler Toledo MT5 microbalance

Spray Drying

Spray Drying Büchi 191 spray dryer, Büchi 290 spray dryer (x 2), Niro SDMicro spray dryer


Retsch centrifugal mill, Erweka ball mill, Retsch MM2 mixer mill, Model 00 Jet-O-Mizer microniser

Particle Sizing

Malvern Mastersizer 2000 particle size analyser, Malvern LoC photon correlation spectroscopy instrument, Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS

  • (TGA), DSC Pyris Diamond PerkinElmer, DVS Advantage
  • Spectroscopy: Nicolet Magna IR 560E.S.P. spectrophotometer equipped with a MCT/A detector working under Omnic software
  • UV spectrophotometers
  • Surface area analysis: Micromeritics Gemini 2370 and Gemini VI 2385C BET surface area analysers
  • Micromeritics AccuPyc 1330 helium pycnometer
  • FT4 power rheometer
  • HPLC equipment
  • Erweka and Vankel dissolution testers

The PI's research group also have access to a Siemens D500 X-ray powder diffractometer instrument (located in the School of Chemistry). A Hitachi S4300 scanning electron microscope and a Quantachrome Nova 4200e BET surface area analyser are available in the Centre for Microscopy and Analysis also located in the university and which provides service to personnel in college and external to college.