UCC SSPC Facilities

The last decade has seen a robust expansion of the department's facilities and personnel, in line with the booming Irish economy and the need for a more highly trained workforce. The need for more research space has been met by the construction of the new Cavanagh Pharmacy building and the Environmental Research Institute, both of which have outstanding laboratory facilities. New personnel have added strength to the department's research programmes -- in addition to our long-standing excellence in synthetic work and close links with pharmaceutical chemistry, the department has built up new areas of strength in materials chemistry and nanoscience, chemical sensors, and atmospheric chemistry. Chemistry continues to be a leading discipline at the University College Cork and is recognised internationally for the calibre of its graduates and research. The breadth and vitality of our research includes the interdisciplinary fields of pharmaceutical chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology, and environmental chemistry, as well as the traditional core disciplines of inorganic, organic, physical, and analytical chemistry.

Solid-state chemistry under the direction of Dr. Simon Lawrence. Current research is concerned with structural control of the crystalline state, involving crystal engineering, supramolecular chemistry and polymorphis.


HEL AutoLab reactor with HEL/MTS in situ laser probe

This system consists of a 1L HEL jacketed glass reactor attached to Huber heating/cooling unit allowing controlled heating and cooling from -80 degC to >200 degC. Stirring speed and addition rates can also be programmed. The system also contains a HEL/MTS LasenTRACK in situ laser probe which provides continuous real-time particle size data.