Dr Niall Barron

Barron, Dr Niall

Senior Lecturer of Biotechnology
Dublin City University
Role in SSPC: Spoke Leader Biopharma SPOKES

Dublin City University
  • 1997 PhD in Applied Microbiology and Biochemistry, University of Ulster
  • 1992 BSc in Microbiology, Trinity College, Dublin
Research Interests: 
  • Engineering CHO cells for Biopharmaceutical Production
  • MicroRNAs as tools to modify cellular behaviour
  • Leachables and Extractables
  • Novel DNA modifying entities

Recent Publications
Kelly P, Breen L, Gallagher C, Kelly S, Henry M, Lao N, Meleady P, O'Gorman D, Clynes M, Barron N. (2015) Re‐programming CHO cell metabolism using miR‐23 tips the balance towards a highly productive phenotype. Biotech J. DOI: 10.1002/biot.201500101
Kelly P, Clarke C, Clynes M, Barron N. (2014) Bioprocess engineering: Micro-managing CHO cell phenotypes. Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing, 2(4), 323-337.
Molphy Z, Prisecaru A, Slator C, Barron N, McCann M, Colleran J, Chandran D, Gathergood N, Kellett. (2014) Copper phenanthrene oxidative chemical nucleases. Inorg Chem. 19;53(10):5392-404.
Sanchez N, Kelly P, Gallagher C, Lao NT, Clarke C, Clynes M, Barron N. (2014) CHO cell culture longevity and recombinant protein yield are enhanced by depletion of miR‐7 activity via sponge decoy vectors. Biotechnology Journal, 9, 3, pp396-404.

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