Prof. Brian Glennon

Professor Brian Glennon

Professor, School of Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering
University College Dublin
Role in SSPC:  PI

University College Dublin
  • B.Eng, University College Dublin, 1986, (Chemical Engineering)
  • Ph.D, University College Dublin, 1992 (Chemical Engineering)
Research Interests: 
  • Bioprocess Scale-up
  • Pharmaceutical Crystallization
  • Modelling of Bioprocessing Operations
  • Distillation Design Methods

Short Bio
Professor Brian Glennon is the Director of the UCD Pharmaceutical Process Engineering Research Group and a Professor within the School of Chemistry and Bioprocess Engineering, University College Dublin.  Professor Glennon is also the CTO and co-founder of APC, a global pharmaceutical and biotech process research company formed in 2011 out of SSPC from University College Dublin.  His research interests include bioprocess scale-up, pharmaceutical crystallisation, modelling of bioprocessing operations and distillation design methods.
Professor Glennon has collaborated with industrial partners on a number of SSPC projects, namely Roche, Janssen, Eli Lilly, Merck, Clarochem, Pfizer, among others.

The paper "Characterizing the metastable zone width and solubility curve using Lasentec FBRM and PVM", by P. Barrett and B. Glennon, published in Chemical Engineering
Research and Design: Transaction of the Institution of Chemical Engineers Part A in 1999, established the standard approach for the automated polythermal measurement of the solubility of crystalline solids in liquid solvents using the FBRM PAT method.

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