SSPC Project Update Meeting on Continuous Crystallisation

On the 14th-15th January 2013, a project update meeting on Continuous Crystallisation took place in UCD. There were representatives from UCD and UL and national and international representatives from Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Janssen, Roche, Merck and GSK. APC have joined the platform and were represented.

Presentations were made on the following:

  • Project Overview and Experimental Capabilities (Brian Glennon, University College Dublin)
  • Update on Process Modelling (Kieran Hutton, University of Limerick)


This presentation concentrated on process outputs based on operating conditions such as residence time, flow rates, number of stages cool down, transfers and on crystallisation kinetics.

  • Janssen presented work on continuous processing including wet milling (T. Rammeloo)
  • Pfizer presented Continuous Processing Manufacturing Technology (Pat Kelleher)


The platform has proved that Continuous Processing is possible and the experimental and modelling capabilities have been successful. The industrial requirement for the process was investigated through breakout groups concentrating on:

  • Strategies for integration of continuous processing into manufacturing
  • Current barriers to implementation of continuous processing
  • Identification of technology roadmap for continuous processing

This was followed by a visit to Labs.

The meeting finished with a discussion on Industrial API trials, Current experimental plans and Next steps in the Project. Actions from the meeting included the requirement for a Protocol for Kinetics, Criteria for Continuous Processing Candidates, Comparison of Batch and Continuous Kinetics, Validation of the Model, Identification of API's for trial and building a Common Platform.