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Hurley visual represents discovery of enantiodivergent decarboxylative asymmetric protonation

SSPC graduate Dr Cian Kingston and Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry at University College Dublin and SSPC Co-Principal Investigator, Patrick Guiry's research features in The Journal of Organic Chemistry on enantiodivergent decarboxylative asymmetric protonation features with a very unusual explanation represented by hurleys.

RAw Communication and Engagement (RACE) publication

RAw Communication and Engagement (RACE)

SSPC Education & Public Engagement team were invited to speak at the 24th Symposium on Chemistry and Science Education called Building Bridges Across Disciplines for Transformative Education and a Sustainable Future held at the University of Bremen June 2018. The book features all invited papers from the symposuim and a publication on Raw Communication and Engagement (RACE): A Collaborative European Project Fostering Wider Societal Engagement through Scientific Communication by Martin McHugh, Aimee Stapleton, Felix Ho, Daniel Brundeal, Paul McCrory and Sarah Hayes.

Congratulations to SSPC members on securing €5M for Cala Medical led project at the University of Limerick

Congratulations to SSPC members Dr Jakki Cooney and Dr Sarah Hudson, who secured significant funding in the €5 million Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund award led by Cala Medical. The project entitled Therapeutic enzymes as a treatment for sepsis and other immune disorder diseases is partnered with the University of Limerick.

Pharm Focus Asia features piece on spray drying and it's latest advances by Dr Mark Davis, UL

In recent years there has been a surge of publications featuring spray drying to prepare drug formulations with enhanced bioavailability. Up to 70% of current pipeline drugs are poorly soluble, so use of the technique should increase. An overview of spray drying featuring the latest advances is discussed.

UL to host 26 researchers through €3.8 million investment in advanced manufacturing and process engineering

SSPC are part of a €3.8M programme co-funded by Irish funding agencies Enterprise Ireland, IDA and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) through their respective, world-leading research and technology centres, all based in at the University of Limerick, with the Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC), Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC), both funded by Enterprise Ireland. The EU, through its prestigious Horizon2020 Marie Curie COFUND initiative, provides matching funding for the five-year programme.

SSPC Co Director Prof. Michael Zaworotko named in 2018 world list of Highly Cited Researchers


Congratulations, Prof. Michael Zaworotko, SSPC Co-Director, Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering and Science Foundation of Ireland Research Professor has been named twice or work in the fields of chemistry and pharmacology/toxicology in the 2018 world list of Highly Cited Researchers.

Congratulations Innopharma, winners of the Manufacturing and Design Award at Irish Times Innovation of the Year Awards

Congratulations to our partner Innopharma, based in Sandyford in Dublin, who won the Manufacturing and Design Award for its work on modified-release drugs at the recent Irish Times Innovation of the Year Awards 2018.