Strand 3 - Drug Product Formulation and Manufacture

The Drug Product Formulation and Manufacture strand focuses on bringing stronger scientific and process engineering principles and knowledge into the domain of Solid State Pharmaceutics, which up to now has essentially been empiric. This improved approach is demanded by the Quality by Design (QbD) knowledge based approach to develop new products and formulations. Major themes include:

  • Understanding the nature and strength of interactions between APIs and excipients
  • Identification of currently unknown critical attributes in APIs and excipients that lead to failures during formulation
  • Development of new materials and technologies for the generation and stabilisation of the amorphous state, which is one approach to realising the potential of BSC Class II poorly soluble drugs

SSPC Strand 3 Leaders:

Prof. Anne Marie Healy, Trinity College Dublin

Prof. Gavin Walker, University of Limerick