Strand 1 - New Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Synthesis

The focus of the New Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Synthesis strand is on enantioselective and efficient synthetic routes and processes. Major themes include:

  • New catalysts and systems for cleaner production with excellent selectivity in asymmetric synthesis, elimination of hazardous reagents and operation in benign conditions
  • Innovative process technologies operating in flow conditions and where appropriate achieving multiple transformation steps in a single reactor
  • New chemical methods for the efficient removal of impurities and side products

These themes are linked to Strand 2 by the delivery of a very high level of impurity profiling fully cognisant that every aspect of crystallisation can be severely affected by the presence of impurities, side products and solvents at ppm or ppb levels, which are usually carried over from previous synthesis steps.

SSPC Strand 1 Leaders:

Prof. Anita Maguire, University College Cork

Prof. Pat Guiry, University College Dublin